Welcome to Engage Issue No. 11, this first week of Lent. In this issue, you’ll discover how Global Ministries and UMCOR are working to bring health and wholeness to all people. You’ll learn about the Bwafwano Care Providers, who with the support of Global Ministries, relentlessly work to create an HIV-free generation in Zambia. You’ll also hear how UMCOR has been providing shelter support to internally displaced people in East Darfur for more than 10 years. In the weeks head, we’ll share aboutBeyond the Walls 2018, a vital mission resource for you and your church. As always, thank you for reading Engage!

Working for an HIV-free generation, one decision at a time

By Bella DiFilipo

Bwafwano Care

Providers staff, Global Mission Fellows, and students living with physical and mental challenges pose for a group photo during a workshop on Activism against Gender Based Violence. PHOTO COURTESY OF BWAFWANO CARE PROVIDERS

KITWE, Zambia—Miriam was three months pregnant when she was diagnosed with HIV. A local health clinic directed her to Bwafwano Care Providers to receive consistent counseling, nutritional support, and antiretroviral medication. Community health workers from Bwafwano Care Providers visited Miriam and through consistent follow-up, she gave birth to a healthy baby. Today, Miriam’s two children, ages three and four, are both HIV-free. Read more. 

Are you feeling called to health ministry this Lenten season? Be a part of the UMC Day of Health and discover how your church can bring health and wholeness to your congregation and neighboring communities.

Internally displaced family finds hope,
thanks to UMCOR

By Barbara Dunlap-Berg 

Mona and her family sit outside of their new home. PHOTO COURTESY OF UMCOR

EAST DARFUR STATE, Sudan (UMCOR) – In December 2013, fighting broke out between the Maalya and Rizaigat tribes in East Darfur state, Sudan. When another tribe warned of imminent danger, Mona and Ahmed and their six children fled Um Rahouba village. 

“We left everything behind—our home, our livelihood, the crops, and the land,” Mona recalled. “We thought about nothing but to flee. It was too difficult to take anything; the situation was terrifying. We ran even without water or food, carrying the little ones. We were very tired and frustrated. Luckily, we managed to contact our family in Adilla who sent a lorry [motor truck] for us.” Read more.

March 11, 2018, is UMCOR Sunday, formerly known as One Great Hour of Sharing. We ask that you please remember the UMCOR Sunday offering in your church and encourage people to give in support of the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Now you can text ‘umcorsunday’ to 91999 and give from your cellphone. Thank you for your continued support of UMCOR, where every dollar you give makes a world of difference.

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