Project Overview

The retaining wall along the elevated driveway of the church is showing signs of age and deterioration.  The wall was designed to provide support for the driveway and walkways that allow access to the building.  The original construction included wooden beams and tie-backs which have rotted over time.  The wall is no longer plumb, is starting to shift and will ultimately fail.  The wall has shifted, and cracks are developing the asphalt driveway.

The Trustees have been working over the past two years to develop options for replacement.  While we are convinced the retaining wall will not fail in the immediate term, we do believe it will fail sometime in the next 3-10 years.  It’s just a matter of time.

After much consideration and consultation with local experts, the Trustees recommend building a new wall made of sandstone blocks.  These blocks will be placed against the existing wall, and along with added backfill, will provide the necessary support to maintain structural integrity.  In addition, a guard rail will be placed at the top of the wall to prevent an automobile from inadvertently going over the side.  Additional lighting will be provided to illuminate the driveway area to improve safety.  To comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the handicap parking spaces on the driveway will be resized to allow access for a handicap-enabled van and the slope of the driveway between the new handicap spots and the church entrance will be brought up to ADA specifications.

The project is estimated to cost $150,000 and take approximately 1-2 months to fully complete.  Construction is targeted for the fall of 2019.  Pre-Construction activities include confirming the engineering design of the new structure, obtaining the construction permit, securing sub-contractors and obtaining the raw materials for the work.  These activities will commence once project funding has been confirmed.

Mike Elgin, on behalf of the Trustees, will act as overall Project Manager.  Thomas Beck, local architect and church member, has graciously agreed to act as the Construction Manager for this project, saving an estimated $30,000 in cost.

Please take a moment to review this short presentation which provides additional information on this project.

Please direct any questions related to this project to Mike.

Project Goals

This project will require substantial effort on the part of church members.

Ideally, we would be able to generate adequate gifts to fund the entire project.  If we cannot achieve that goal, we may be able to draw upon some alternative sources, such as loans from the conference or other financing.  However, doing so would extend the term of existing debt or add new debt to our annual budget.  A realistic goal is to minimize debt by maximizing gifts.

Much has already been promised.

  • Thomas Beck has volunteered to serve as construction manager, saving as much as $30,000 of the total project cost.
  • All graphic design and printing has been donated, saving more than $2,000 of start-up costs.
  • Rather than hiring a consulting firm, our project is being conducted entirely by volunteers.  Professional firms often charge from 10% to 15% of the total goal, so relying on our own talents results in substantial savings.

With enthusiastic participation of congregation members, our beautiful building can continue to advance the mission of the United Methodist Church of Estes Park.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking time to examine this material.  Understanding the project is important in helping all of our members come to an agreement on the best path forward.

Thank you for your continued interest in support of the United Methodist Church of Estes Park.  Without our members and friends we could not provide the ministries and services that are so crucial to our mission.

Thank you for considering an additional gift that will ensure continued access to the church for all.  If all or par of a required minimum distribution from a retirement account is routed directly to the church, no tax will be required for that donation, maximizing the effect of the gift.  Gifts will be confidential unless recognition is requested.

Thank you in advance for making a pledge to support this project.  Pledges should be either put into the offering plate during worship, dropped off at the church office during normal office hours, or mailed to the church at 1509 Fish Hatchery Rd, Estes Park CO  80517.  Please be sure to mark “Retaining Wall Project” if you donate by check.  The combined effect of many donations will make this project possible.  With your help, our beautiful building will continue to serve our church community and the people of Estes Park.