To the Worship Community of the United Methodist Church of Estes Park:

Life in the church has certainly been difficult these past few months.  We know it has been hard for many.  Our Administrative Council has been discussing how we will get back to our building.  The Council has appointed a “(re)Launch Church Committee”, which has been meeting regularly.  We wish to update you on their ongoing work.

First, our church has never been closed, only our building has been closed.  Rev. Towns has been preparing and preaching sermons and connecting with parishioners. Our Music Staff, including Nancy Gunter, Jim Flannigan, Linda Bowie and Matthew Perry, has been preparing and supplying music for on-line worship services.  Jim Ecklund, Cay Lacey, John Angermayr, and Mike Elgin have been recording and posting services.  The Mission and Administrative Teams of the church, Administrative Council, Mission and Outreach, Finance, Communications, Reconciling Ministries, Trustees, Congregational Care and United Methodist Women, are all continuing their work and finding creative ways to be the church during this unique time.

The (re)Launch Church Committee met last week.  Their work involves using the guidance of the Mountain Sky Conference (re)Launch Church Study Guidebook, the Larimer County Health Department-Places of Worship Checklist, and information from Colorado Department of Health.

The committee wants you to know that we will

  • continue on-line worship and meetings through the summer
  • continue connecting with people through phone contact and when possible through appropriate physical distancing, wearing our masks
  • continue to streamline our worship experience
  • explore outdoor and parking lot worship
  • create guidelines for cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting people and draft a plan for opening the building to small groups when we can do it safely
  • commit to continue on-line worship for those who are vulnerable or prefer to not join crowds

Our new pastor, Reverend Ann Lantz, has joined the (re)Launch Church Committee.  She will be developing strategies for meeting people and plans to send blog entries.

The committee and Administrative Council want you to also know that we have no deadline and this committee will continue to develop plans as the COVID-19 crisis dictates.  We will open the building for worship when we have sufficient procedures and volunteers in place to do it safely.    We will proceed with an abundance of caution, mindful of our vulnerable constituents.


Thank you,

(re)Launch Church Committee

Peggy Beck, Administrative Council Chair

Rev. Tom Towns

Kay Rosenthal, Public Health Nurse, retired

Jim Ecklund, Technology

Dale Beck, Trustees Co-Chair

Larry Leaming, Staff/Pastor/Parish Relations Committee, Chair

Jim Flannigan, Music Coordinator

Nancy Elgin, Communications Committee

Rev. Ann Lantz (newly appointed pastor, July 1)



(re)Launch Church Study Guide

(Places of Worship Checklist-Larimer County Health Dept.)