We’ve completed a major update to the parsonage, addressing a host of issues that have crept up over the years and providing a major facelift as well.  Here are the highlights of what’s been accomplished:

– Kitchen bead-board backsplash and wallpaper removed
– Drywall repairs made
– New quartz countertop installed
– New stainless sink and faucet installed
– All appliances have been replaced in the past year
– New durable luxury vinyl plank flooring installed in the high traffic areas, including the kitchen, family room, dining room, and hallway
– New pet stain resistant pad and carpet installed in the living room and bedrooms
– Updated electrical outlets and switches installed
– Electrician installed proper ceiling fan rated electrical boxes for all of the ceiling fans
– New ceiling fan installed in the family room
– New faucet installed in laundry room
– Leaking refrigerator water valve repaired
– Properly attached the dryer vent hose 
– Inoperable fireplace removed, drywall and siding repairs completed
– 100% of the interior masked and repainted, including ceilings
– Baseboard along the vinyl plank flooring refinished
– Front porch rebuilt
– Back porch/step rebuilt
– Sagging eaves repaired
– Heat/UV film installed on the family room / dining room windows
– New rods and room darkening curtains installed in the living room
– New rods and sheers installed in the family room / dining room
– Portion of the cyclone fence removed to open up the back yard space
– Gate installed to allow better access to the back yard
– Dead and damaged trees have been removed
– Shrubs and trees have been trimmed
– Planting beds have been cleaned out and the yard has been mowed
– Leaking gutter repaired
– Oil stain cleaned from garage floor
– Trash hauled away
– Final cleaning completed
A very special thanks to the following individuals for their hard work:
– Dale Beck
– Gail & Terry Burrow
– Lee & Marvin Criswell
– John Davis
– Cathy & Gerry Dougherty
– David Diggs
– Nancy & Mike Elgin
– Susan & Ron Hora
– Cay Lacey & Jim Ecklund
– Heather Stone
– Cindy & Mike Vanek
Thanks again to everyone for your support on this project!