Gracious God, for those affected by the wildfires throughout Colorado, we pray;
have mercy on them and keep them safe from harm.

For those of us in the affected areas, our loved ones, neighbors, friends, pets and livestock, we pray;
grant that we may escape the flames, smoke and devastation.

For our homes, businesses and places of worship, we pray;
save us from destruction.

For all whose health is threatened by the smoke and ash, we pray;
ease our suffering and protect us from permanent damage.

For firefighters and first responders, we pray;
meet their needs, shield them from harm, lift their weariness and send them relief.

For wildlife in the path of the flames, we pray;
grant the means of escape and prevent irreversible harm.

For those who have already lost homes and jobs and treasured possessions, we pray;
comfort and sustain them and restore all they’ve lost.

For the displaced and the discouraged, we pray;
lift their spirits and restore hope to them.

For all who are stressed, anxious, and fearfully following the news, we pray;
pour out a healing and calming balm.

God, we pray specifically for snow or rain to begin to quench these fires.  Grant that the flames and smoke may be turned back and away, and dangers and damages miraculously limited by Your strong hand.

And, Lord, when these fires have ceased, renew lives, families, communities, and environments in ways only You could have foreseen and engineered.

In You, O Lord, we place our trust.

For You, O Lord, we wait in hope.

Thanks be to God. Amen.

*This prayer is adapted from a prayer in Guideposts