HWHL Newsletter, Fourth Quarter 2021

The big news for the summer is that the eye clinic is up and running! And of course, Barrels of Love Ministry was busy as well, sending their biannual shipment in June.

With thanks to Asbury (www.asburylv.org) for packing and shipping and Through These Hands (www.throughthesehands.org) for donating medical supplies to support the ministry of HWHL.

Happy Independence Day Liberia!

174 years! In 1847, the Republic of Liberia declared it’s independence from the US and became the first democratic republic in African history. Joseph Jenkins Roberts was elected Liberia’s first president in 1848. Before Liberia became independent, Roberts was the colony’s first Black governor who went on to expand Liberia’s boundaries and improve her economics.

Although we were unable to celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day as usual due to COVID , we are celebrating how far we’ve come.