• Join us for our Zoom Book Study at 10 and 4 this Wednesday.
  • Easy Hiking Group is meeting three times this week!
  • Carpet is being finished this week! Check News from the Pews for updates and photos.


Sunday, October 31

9:45 AM Service of Worship

3:00 PM Easy Hiking Group


Monday, November 1

8:00 – 10:30 AM Office Open

1:00 PM Bridge Group


Tuesday, November 2

9:00 AM Easy Hiking Group

4:00 PM Women’s Devotional Group


Wednesday, November 3 

8:00 – 10:30 AM Office Open

10:00 AM Zoom Book Study

4:00 PM Zoom Book Study


Thursday, November 4

3:00 PM Easy Hiking Group



Order of Worship






Call to Worship

Leader: God is calling you today.

People: Help us to hear God’s call in our lives.

Leader: God needs your gifts and graces to help others.

People: May we use the blessings which God has given us to benefit others.

Leader: Come, let us worship and celebrate God’s love for us.

People: Let us show our faithfulness in our words and actions. 


Opening Prayer (Unison)

Lord, we gather here this day in praise and thanksgiving for all the wonderful things you have done for us. Help us to be faithful disciples in all that we think, do and say, that your great love may be revealed and offer healing to all people.  Amen.


Opening Hymn


Prayer of Confession (Unison)

How often, O Lord, have we believed that the greatest commandment is our love for ourselves solely. We have not heard the cries of those in need; we have turned our backs on opportunities to serve you by serving others. Many times we have thought only of our own wants and desires and ignored the needs of others. Help us to truly understand the commandments to love you with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind. Let us care for our neighbors both far and near. Bring us back to your loving light. For we ask these things in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. 


Silent Prayer


Words of Assurance

Leader: In the midst of our darkness and ignorance, the bright light of God’s love shines through, healing our anguished souls. Rejoice, beloved of God, for God’s love and forgiveness are given to you this day.

People: Thanks be to God!  Amen. Remembering the Saints



            Prayer of Blessing


Pastoral Prayer


Scripture Lesson 

Matthew 6:19-21



What Does Jesus Want From You?


Closing Hymn       






Service Participants:

Pastor: Rev. Ann Steiner Lantz

Recorded Worship Liturgist: Cay Lacey

Zoom Worship Liturgist: Gail Burrow

Director of Music: Jim Flanigan

Pianist: Nancy Gunter

Videographer: Jim Ecklund