Estes Park United Methodist Church

January 30, 2022



Sunday 1/30

9:45 AM Zoom Worship

3:00 PM Easy Hiking Group


Monday 1/31

8-10:30 AM Office Open

1:00 PM Bridge Group

2:30 PM Congregational Care


Tuesday 2/1

10:00 AM Easy Hiking Group

4:00 PM Women’s Devotional Group


Wednesday 2/2

8-10:30 AM Office Open

10:00 AM Zoom Book Study

6:00 PM Zoom Book Study


Friday 2/4

8-10:30 AM Office Open

3:00 PM Easy Hiking Group



  • Office open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week.
  • Easy Hiking Group meeting Today, Tuesday, and Friday.
  • Book Study is continuing to meet Wednesdays at 10 AM and 6 PM.
  • Book study group is starting the book Laugh Your Way to Grace. Available in the Church office for $15.
  • EPUMC is helping those who are affected by the Marshal Fire. See the recent News from the Pews email which outlines the plan and how you can help.
  • Reminder: Zoom links can be found on the church website calendar or in News From The Pews.



Agnes Lantz 2/4


Order of Worship






Call to Worship

Leader: Come! Hear the call of God: “Speak of me to my people.”

People: But we are just ordinary folks.  Who will listen?

Leader:  “I will give you the words. I will always be with you as you speak my words of truth and justice and love.”

People:  We gather here to worship you, to praise you for your loving presence, and to be strengthened for the calling you have given us.


Opening Prayer (Unison)

O God, in the midst of the cacophony of voices that surround us, we come to hear your voice of affirmation; we come to hear your voice calling us to be and do what you have called us to be and do.  Let this time of worship quiet our fears, soothe our bruised souls, and energize us for ministry in and with your beloved world.  Let faith abide. Let hope abide.  Let love abide—here in this congregation, here in our community, here in our world, but most of all, here in us. Amen.


Opening Hymn    

O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go


Prayer of Confession

God, who shapes the course of history, it is so hard to be a prophet. We’re just ordinary folks. What do you expect us to do? Who will listen to us anyway? Even if they do, they’ll only get mad. You’d do better to find someone else—someone older, someone younger, someone more articulate, someone with more courage, someone with more faith.  But still we hear our call and your promise. Forgive our feet of clay—when we try and evade your call, when we make excuses, when we doubt your presence, when we reject your prophets, when we reject ourselves. In the opportunities and challenges in our lives, help us see that you are there, and help us respond in faith, hope, and love. Amen.

(Silent Prayer)


Words of Assurance

Leader: God is our rock and our fortress. In God we find our hope and our strength. We are always surrounded by God’s forgiving love, a love that has known us from birth and will never leave us.

People: Thanks be to God, Amen!


First Reading                    

Jeremiah 1:4-10



            Prayer of Blessing


Pastoral Prayer


Gospel Lesson      

Luke 4:21-30




Closing Hymn       

Let All Things Now Living






Service Participants:

Pastor: Rev. Ann Steiner Lantz

Recorded Worship Liturgist:   Cay Lacey

Zoom Worship Liturgist: Larry Leaming

Director of Music: Jim Flanigan

Pianist: Nancy Gunter

Videographer: Jim Ecklund