Estes Park United Methodist Church

March 6, 2022

First Sunday of Lent


  • We will be returning to in-person worship next Sunday, March 13th!
  • Women’s devotional group is meeting on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM. They have just begun reading Radium Girls.
  • The Zoom Book Study is starting their Lenten book, Entering the Passion of Jesus, this Wednesday. Join them on Zoom at 10:00 AM or 6:00 PM.
  • Easy Hiking Group meeting Today, Tuesday, and Friday. To sign up contact
  • Join the Congregational Care Committee on Zoom Mondays at 2:30 PM.


Order of Worship






Call to Worship

Leader: Jesus began his ministry to the world, led by the Spirit into the wilderness.

People: As we begin our Lenten journey, let us be led by the Spirit, even into the uncomfortable places.

Leader: In those forty days, and in that place, Jesus was faced with hunger, doubt and temptation.

People: As we seek to follow Jesus, we would be led, even into the uncomfortable choices.

Leader: Jesus left the wilderness, faithful and obedient to God, rejoicing in the One in whom he trusted.

People: As we continue on our path to faithfulness, we will be led by our Christ, rejoicing in the Lord our God.



Opening Prayer (Unison)

Radiant Lord, you shine with purity, power, and truth. Your mercy reflects your compassion, your care, and your love.  Transform us into your image as we seek to follow you.  Use us to make your presence known throughout the world.  In your strong name we pray. Amen.


Opening Hymn      

Great is Thy Faithfulness  #140 (UMH)


Prayer of Confession

Lord, you call us to draw near, yet we fail to hear your voice.  We sleepwalk through life, ignoring the needs of people all around us and worrying about our own desires.  Forgive us:  when we shut out the call to climb into your presence; when we make excuses to put off that journey.  Have mercy on us. Hear our pleas, O God, and lift us to newness of life. Amen.


(Silent Prayer)


Words of Assurance

Leader: We worship a forgiving God, whose mercy is never ending, whose heart abounds in steadfast love.  Because of the love of Jesus Christ, nothing can separate us from the love of God.

People: Thanks be to God, Amen!


Scripture Lesson               

Deuteronomy 26:1-11



            Prayer of Blessing


Pastoral Prayer

            Lord’s Prayer


Scripture Lesson   

Luke 4:1-13




Holy Communion


Closing Hymn         

Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days #269 (UMH)






Service Participants:

Pastor:  Rev. Ann Steiner Lantz

Recorded Worship Liturgist: Cay Lacey

Zoom Worship Liturgist: John Davis

Director of Music: Jim Flanigan

Pianist: Nancy Gunter

Videographer: Jim Ecklund