Beginning March 13th, EPUMC will move back to in-person worship!  

In-Person Worship Sunday morning at 9:45am. Recording of Sunday morning worship available on the website on Sunday afternoon at

Zoom Worship Saturday evening at 6:00pm.

We plan to return to in-person worship beginning March 13.  A recording of the service will be posted to the website on Sunday afternoon.  Through the end of May, we will also offer a Zoom worship service on Saturday evening.

For Worship, Funerals, Weddings, and Gatherings at EPUMC, the wearing of masks is preferred. We encourage people to make the choice that is comfortable for them. 

 We remind all that if you are experiencing any symptoms, please do not expose others by attending in-person functions. 

These guidelines are in place for any small gathering such as groups and classes.  

When hosting events that include the service of food and beverages, we will continue to take precautions associated with food service. 

Meals will be plated or portions individually served to guests. 

We will revisit this guideline in May of 2022.

Although COVID-19 is not going away, we have tools available today that we did not have two years ago, including vaccines, testing, and therapies.