The Whole Church Initiative (WCI) is a valuable tool in building vital churches as it provides an active process of discernment for local congregations. The goal of the WCI is to help congregations follow the lead of the Holy Spirit to discover how God is calling them to live out their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

It is built on the idea that there are no easy fixes. Moving a congregation to greater vitality will take dedicated and prayerful work from clergy and lay leadership working in partnership.

WCI is built to expose local church teams to a variety of information about church in the 21st century, its opportunities, and its challenges. In addition to information sharing, the process will guide congregations in identifying and executing ministry experiments that will help you better live into God’s calling for your church.

WCI is based on missional principles. As described by Reggie McNeal, “Missional is a way of living, not an affiliation or activity.” WCI is guided by techniques proven to help groups make lasting changes. Not just an isolated one-time event, the goal is to help you learn a new way of doing the work of the church that encourages experimentation.

WCI promotes the church’s vision of “Commitment to Caring” with all committees and teams.  With the cooperation of the Administrative Council and appropriate Administrative and Ministry Teams, WCI conducts experiments to enrich the experiences of Discipleship within the Congregation and Estes Park Community.  Learnings from these experiments are then embedded within the ministries of the church.

To get plugged into this ministry, please contact the church office.