KREV-LP104.7 FM radio was just a gleam, a wish, a prayer in the year 2000, but following considerable effort, in 2002, the FCC granted the church a license to own and broadcast to the Estes Valley.

Our 100-watt low power FM non profit, community station is the first United Methodist owned broadcasting station. It is self-sustaining with revenues from donations, grants and underwriting announcements.

The mission of the station is to serve the community with educational programs, great music not heard on other stations and serve as outreach of our church. The station is operated by volunteers using over 49,000 songs and special programs pre-recorded in the studio.

The station’s goal is to be a good citizen of the Estes Valley focusing on a variety of programming including nostalgic music from the 20s through the 60s, old time radio programs, classical, relaxing and religious music. Our Pastor’s messages are also included on KREV.

For more information visit the station’s website KREVLP.ORG.  To help support KREV’s ministry, please visit our Go Fund Me page.