Welcome to Engage Issue No. 17. This week Global Ministries respondsto the tragedies in Indonesia and Rey ‘King’ Oliver Fabros shares his story in an early release of Fearless Fellows. We take a look at theHawaiian-based ministries of Aiea UMC and a new class of missionariesgoes forth into the world.
Join us on our journey to equip and transform people and places for God’s mission around the world.
General Secretary of Global Ministries, Thomas Kemper, responds to the recent attacks in Indonesia. Join us as we stand in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters, and pray with us for peace in the region. Read his statement here.
Rey ‘King’ Oliver Fabros epitomizes what it means to serve from everywhere to everywhere. Hear his journey to becoming a servant leader in this episode of Fearless Fellows.

Missionary Blessing Service

From Everywhere to Everywhere: See Where We’re Going
Meet Aiea UMC, a congregation with a heart for going into the world and engaging with partners to assist in their outreach. First a preaching point of the Japanese Methodist Church in Honolulu, the church later began a mission outreach to those working in the sugarcane industry. From that beginning, the church has continued to engage in mission around the world.
Thank  you  for  being  a  part  of  Global  Ministries.  Together  in  mission, through the unceasing love of Christ, 
we make a world of difference.