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Live-Streaming General Conference

by Mike Elgin

The church will be live-streaming the General Conference broadcast on Sunday, February 24th in the Fellowship Hall; Monday, the 25th, upstairs from 1-5:30pm; and/or Tuesday, in the Fellowship Hall.  Those interested are invited to join members of the Estes Park Church to watch the broadcast.

Retaining Wall Project Approved to Proceed!

by Mike Elgin

Following the informational meeting with the congregation on Feb 17th, the  Administrative Council formally approved the project proposal for the new retaining wall.  Thomas Beck will act as General Contractor for this project which is expected to begin in late April or May.  A copy of the material that was shared with the congregation can […]

Mountain Sky on the Way Forward

by Mike Elgin

Mountain Sky on the Way Forward FAQ | Timeline | Sharing Resources | Video Resources Welcome to Mountain Sky on the Way Forward. The purpose of this page is to inform the conference on press releases, petitions, and other important information related to the special session of General Conference in 2019. Below you will find […]

6th Annual Guatemala English Camp

by Mike Elgin

Speak English?  Help teach at our6th Annual Guatemala English CampJune 28 – July 7, 2019We look forward to another amazing learning experience for 4th – 9th graders from the Maya population in the mountains of Quiché.  Many of these students are on scholarships provided by Pura Vida, and are all eager to improve their English fluency through games, […]