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November 28th Service

by Lucy Scott

Estes Park United Methodist Church November 28, 2021 First Sunday of Advent     Order of Worship   Prelude                     Greeting/Welcome   Lighting of the First Advent Candle                                The Scott Family   Call to Worship Leader: Something stirs deep within […]

November 21st Service

by Lucy Scott

  Announcements + Calendar Join us for our Zoom Book Study at 10 and 4 this Wednesday. Easy Hiking Group is now meeting Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays! Join the Women’s Devotional Group on Tuesday at 4 via Zoom. Church Conference is meeting today at noon via Zoom. Next week the office will be open on […]

November 14th Service

by Mike Elgin

Estes Park United Methodist Church November 14, 2021 Order of Worship   Prelude   Greeting/Welcome   Call to Worship Leader: We gather together to worship, knowing that God is already here among us; People: Knowing that there is nothing that separates us from the presence of our Lord. Leader: Wherever we are, wherever we go,  […]

Blessing Jars & AIDS Ambassadors

by Mike Elgin

Blessing Jars and AIDS Ambassadors If you have a Blessing Jar started this year or want to start one, we will celebrate our blessings on Sunday, December 5, to honor World AIDS Day (December 1 every year).  We are all familiar with pandemics now so let us remember how many people are living with HIV […]