Pastor Tom and Sandy are busy packing and preparing for life in Utah after retirement. Their time with us is rapidly coming to an end and we want to celebrate their time here and wish them a fond farewell!  In this day of Covid-19, we cannot throw the kind of retirement party we would have liked, but we can still celebrate!

We are inviting everyone to a drive-by celebration at the church on June 7th, from 2:00-4:00. 

Decorate your car if you’d like, bring a greeting card with your personal farewell message, and come to the church to see them off. Pastor Tom and Sandy will be at the front door of the church waiting to greet the car parade. We will also have folks directing you to a basket where you can drop off a card.

Our Kay Rosenthal has kindly put together safe procedures to follow as we participate in this drive-by farewell. We are asking that you not exit your car, but you may wear a mask to roll down your car window to wave or briefly chat from your car. You may also choose to wave maskless from your closed car window.  There will be folks to direct you as you arrive. Parking lots will be used if needed so as not to block the road. If this happens, you will be directed. This event has been approved by the Estes Park Police Department – you may even see them there helping out!

We have received a few questions about the appropriateness of giving gifts. A gift is not necessary, but if you would like to express your appreciation for their ministry, here are a few ideas. Since we are not gathering together during this time, a collective gift is difficult to arrange, but we can be thoughtful individually instead. They will be moving to South Jordan, Utah. If you would like to include a gift card for a restaurant or service available there, we feel that would be very thoughtful. (If you need ideas, please call the church office at 970-586-4153 and John will direct you to a committee member). A thoughtful story in a greeting card about how Pastor Tom and Sandy have impacted you, or something thoughtful you have made for them would also be appreciated.

We are hoping to see you there on the 7th!