HWHL Newsletter, 2nd Quarter 2022

As we enter the 2nd Quarter of 2022, we rejoice to see the progress on the new Maternity and Surgical addition to our Waterfield Primary Healthcare Center. According to the UNICEF report on “Child, Maternal and Newborn Health”, Liberia has one of the world’s highest rates of maternal mortality with one out of every ten women dying while pregnant, giving birth to their babies or in the aftermath of delivery.  So many lives of mothers and babies will be saved when this addition is completed and operational.  

Our Community Health Workers are now traveling to 90 villages in Margibi County (up from 37 last year) to provide medical and hygiene training, provide prenatal and worm medications, take blood pressures and provide referrals when necessary.  We are blessed beyond measure as we live Christ’s Great Commandment by loving and caring for our neighbors in Liberia.

New Maternity/Surgical Center Construction Begins
Thanks to the Waterfield family we have been able to begin construction of our new Maternity and Surgical addition to our clinic.  Check our Facebook Page to track progress between quarterly newsletters.  Once the building is completed we will greatly appreciate donations from you, our partners, so that we will be able to furnish this new building with the necessary medical equipment to make it fully operational.

HWHL’s Annual Children’s Outreach
HWHL’s annual children’s outreach took place on February 22nd with the feeding of over 1000 children and distribution of children’s books from Asbury Church’s 20th anniversary Barrels of Love.  What a joy it is to make a difference in these kids’ lives.

On the Dock with Pastor Troy
While Dr. Chris Hena was in the US last year, she was interviewed by Pastor Troy Benitone of Hands of Hope on his On the Dock video program. Check out this five-part series of On the Dock with Pastor Troy as he sits down with Dr. Hena, Medical Director of Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia. They discuss how HWHL’s partnership with Hands of Hope Foundation has grown and expanded through the years to provide medical and surgical aid to the people of Liberia. Dr. Hena also shares stories of growing up in rural Liberia and how her work since returning home has empowered and transformed the community. They also address the stewardship of the precious resources that HWHL has been entrusted with.  We’d highly recommend watching these videos with your small group, Sunday school class, friends and family to learn how your partnership with HWHL has changed and continues to change Liberian primary health care.
  • Ep 57 Healthy Women Healthy Liberia Series Pt 1; Get to know Dr. Chris Hena who is the Medical Director of Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia. Join us as we get to know Dr. Hena and hear her incredible story of the forming of this ministry in Liberia, Africa.
  • Ep 58 Healthy Women Healthy Liberia Pt 2: Discover how Hands of Hope connected with Dr. Hena. The partnership has grown and expanded through the years to provide medical and surgical aid to the people of Liberia, Africa.
  • Ep 59 Healthy Women Healthy Liberia  Pt 3; Dr. Chris Hena shares with us her story from growing up in rural Liberia, Africa to directing an amazing medical practice that provides wellness and therapeutic care. Not only has Dr. Hena treated families, she has enabled and inspired others to aspire to great things and care for their local communities.
  • Ep 60 Healthy Women Healthy Liberia Pt 4; Dr. Chris Hena’s story is mesmerizing. Her journey from childhood to Director of Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia is a true inspiration.
  • Ep 61 Healthy Women Healthy Liberia Pt 5; “The more I depend on Him (Jesus Christ), the more I see results.” This quote from the previous episode encompasses Dr. Hena’s ministry journey and inspires us to lean into God and see what He will do through us. Join us as we find out ways that we can partner with Dr. Chris Hena in her ministry.