Parents are dying from AIDS in Africa; impoverished HIV orphans and their caretakers often have no education, no employment and lack basic necessities of life.  The Grandmother’s House supports the caretakers and the children. The Maua Methodist Hospital, Kenya, with the generous help of the Center for Health and Hope, Denver,provides additional ser vices including school, clothing food and health care so the children have a chance to thrive and breath the cycles of poverty.  The houses are often called “Orphan Houses” because they are assigned for the care of the children.

Text Box: A Mission of Health and Hope for World AIDS Day through Valentine’s Day
Grandmother’s House

In the area served by the Maua Methodist Hospital, Kenya, approximately 15% of adults have been infected with HIV/AIDS.  When one spouse dies, it is very likely that the other parent will also soon perish also, leaving impoverished elder generation to raise the children. The hospital has identified and provides services for 1,750 orphans within walking distance of the hospital who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. 

A Grandmother’s House helps keep families together and brings hope to the whole community.  It costs $3,000 to build a house through the Center for Health and Healing.  Already 350 of the houses have been built.

To donate for the Estes Park UMC house: Checks to the church noting: Grandmother’s House or online WWW.EPUMC/DONATE