Estes Park United Methodist Church 

June 20, 2021



Order of Worship


Prelude – Nancy Gunter – It is Well with My Soul


Announcements – Janis Angermayr


Greeting/Welcome – Pastor Ann Lantz


Introit – Awesome God


Call to Worship

Leader: In the midst of life’s storms, God is there.

People: What do we have to fear?

Leader: In the darkness and terror, God is with us.

People: Of whom shall we be afraid?

Leader: Rise up, people of God, for you are loved and saved.

People: Thanks be to God who cares deeply for us. AMEN.


Opening Prayer (Unison)

Lord, we have come this day, seeking your presence and healing love. Be with us as we hear the words of hope and compassion. Give us courage to learn and grow that we might serve you faithfully all of our days. Amen.


Opening Hymn – #529 UMH – How Firm A Foundation


Prayer of Confession

Leader: Before the strength and glory of our Creating God, we are called to confess who we are. Let us pray.           

People: God of love and power, we listen to the stories of miracles and wonder if these things can even happen today. We see the waves of misfortune, distress, misery, distrust, and anger and wonder how we can still those waves. We feel the pressures of power and fear flooding into our lives, threatening to drown us and wonder where you are. Forgive us for the littleness of our faith. Forgive us for our doubts. Help us to place our trust in you, Lord Jesus. Help us to fix our eyes on you and on the ministries to which you have called us.  For we ask these things in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Silent Prayer


Assurance of Pardon

Leader: Fear not! God is with us, stilling the storms and raging fears in our lives. Place your trust in God always. AMEN.

People: Praise be to God!  Amen!


Anthem – Chancel Choir – Dear Lord and Father of Mankind – Soloist: Janis Angermayr


Pastoral Prayer

       Lord’s Prayer


Hymn – #129 UMH – Give to the Winds Thy Fears


Scripture Lesson – Janis Angermayr – Mark 4:35-41


Sermon – Peace, Be Still




       *Prayer of Blessing


Closing Hymn – #512 UMH – Stand By Me




Postlude – Nancy Gunter – Cast All Your Cares