Blessing Jars and AIDS Ambassadors

If you have a Blessing Jar started this year or want to start one, we will celebrate our blessings on Sunday, December 5, to honor World AIDS Day (December 1 every year).  We are all familiar with pandemics now so let us remember how many people are living with HIV AIDS and Covid around the globe as we remember our blessings!

If we have in-person church Dec 5, then bring your jar and place it on the altar before church and take it home afterwards to open it at the end of the year.   If we have Zoom church, then celebrate your blessings at home Dec 5 as we say a pray for those living with HIV AIDS and Covid during pandemics.

Also join me in being an AIDS Ambassador this advent and in 2022.  To be an AIDS Ambassador, you commit to 1) Pray for those with AIDS,  2) Give to offerings and fundraisers for UMGAF — UM Global AIDS Fund, or the Center for Health and Hope, 3) Educate yourself / others about HIV AIDS and how we can help save lives!  

We hope to have a clipboard out in the future on the rainbow table for you to sign up to be an AIDS Ambassador!   Thank you for your ongoing support!